Busy Bees

(Bit of a trigger warning here, if bees bother you)

I have a very small yard, which is mostly garden. I manage to cram a LOT of green stuff into this space. I’m delighted to say that the local wildlife enjoys my yard too.

Last year, my wonderful husband bought a birdbath for me — and brought it home from the store on the back of his motorcycle, no kidding. It has become an integral part of our backyard ecosystem.  The neighborhood cat, Squeaky, likes to drink from it, as do the birds that visit the feeder just above the birdbath. (They stay away when Squeak’s around, though.) The starlings treat it as their personal spa, dipping and blowing and puffing like teenage basketball players in the locker room showers.

And the bees have become very fond of it too. Luckily, they seem to be gentle honeybees, not the irascible ground bees that had to be convinced to leave our yard last year. No, these guys hang out at the birdbath, drinking at the side like so many tiny zebras at a watering hole. Sometimes there are a dozen bees out there, maybe more.

Bee Pic


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