Here We Go!

What’s that? My new book is live and available for preorder through my crowdfunding campaign? That’s absolutely right! I’ve decided to crowdfund 44 Years In Darkness, so that I can promote it like a boss when it comes out. I truly believe that this story of madness and shattered love has the potential to go mainstream. I need your help to make it happen. If I get enough preorders, I’ll be able to print plenty of Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs). Then I’ll be able to send them off to people in the media, people who will be able to help me spread the word about Rhoda Derry and her incredible story. (It’s my dream to talk about the book on NPR, maybe even on The Diane Rehm Show. If Oprah comes calling, that’s great, but I really want NPR to sit up and take notice.)

You can watch a video about the campaign here: . And if the video intrigues you, please consider donating to the campaign. You can find it at .

So please, preorder the book 44 Years In Darkness. There are loads of great perks at every level of sponsorship, from an advance copy of your own (two months before the book hits store shelves), to the chance to explore the haunted Peoria State Hospital on an overnight ghost hunt, with me as your native guide. It’s my pleasure to bring you these fun perks, and it’s a greater pleasure for me to share Rhoda’s story with you, and with the world. Please help me make that happen. Thank you so much.

44 Years Cover


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