So What Makes You Think You Need $5000, Anyway?

Wow, we’re up to 60,ooo words on the book! (Which, BTW, can be preordered at , in case anyone would like to follow the link.)

So why am I doing this? Why am I asking friends, family, even complete strangers for money? If I get 250 preorders, like the crowdfunding site says I must in order to get paid anything at all, I will have $5000 sitting in the bank (assuming only 250 preorders at $20 each. Advance preorders are going for $30, which means if I get 250 of THOSE moved, I’ll have $7500 to play with.)

Why do I need $5000? Well, here’s why (since you asked). I feel that Rhoda’s story is very important — her experience, as horrifying as it was, being locked in a crib for 44 years, actually led to changes in the way the mentally ill were treated. Rhoda Derry became a living object lesson in the humane treatment of the severely mentally ill. She didn’t HAVE to spend decades locked away from the world. But she did. And Dr. Zeller made darned sure that everyone knew about it, and that it never had to happen again.

I would like to promote this book when it comes out. (I work with a small indie publisher, who has no marketing budget. Any marketing I do, is on me.) I plan to order at least forty ARCs (advance review copies) at the beginning of August, along with the advance copies I need to fill the orders I’ve already received (thanks bunches to you three, I appreciate it!)

Those ARCs will be sent off around the country, to newspapers and magazines for review, and for people in the public eye who are concerned with mental health, people like Glenn Close, Patrick Kennedy, Maria Shriver, Kitty Dukakis, and Carrie Fisher. I hope to get these folks interested in the book, so that they will spread the word. I’m hoping a few of them will even be willing to write blurbs for the back cover of the book, to encourage people to buy.

So! Providing I get 250 preorders, that’s 290 books I need to print up through Createspace. At, oh, say $10 a book, that’s $2900. Then I’ll be spending an average of, let’s say $5 apiece on postage. That’s another $1450. So we’re up to $4350 so far. If I have money sitting in the bank to cover this, that’s wonderful. I can do all the promotion I want, and not worry about where the money will come from.

I’d also like to run a giveaway through Goodreads. I ran a giveaway in April for my book The Taming of the Werewolf, for Shakespeare’s birthday. I offered three copies — and 547 people entered the giveaway. There’s interest out there, I promise. So if I order twenty copies of 44 Years in Darkness, I know people will enter the giveaway. There’s another twenty ARCs, and another round of postage, which brings our total to $4650.

I could go on — I’m planning to enter the book in the USA Best Book Awards, which has an entry fee of $69 — but you get the idea.

This money that you’re giving me WILL be put to good use. Crowdfunding is a wonderful way to accomplish this. If everyone gives a little, we can do great things with the total.

I invite you to visit  . Thank you so much for following the link, and for exploring the many perks I have put together in exchange for your contributions. I look forward to seeing those numbers go up. (Just like the word count numbers on my computer screen — hey!)

Word Count Pic60K.jpg


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