A Little Light Housekeeping

Hi everyone!

Okay, so folks unfamiliar with the fact that I now have this website up and running might be a trifle confused about all the stuff that’s been showing up in my Facebook feed over the past week. Here’s the explanation: my friend Bryan Wolford (hi Bryan!) is the guy who set Lights Out up on iTunes for me, through his Drunken Zombie website. Well, now that DZ is no more (sniffle), Bryan most graciously took on the task of setting up THIS HERE WEBSITE on iTunes for me, so I didn’t have to lose handfuls of hair and give up halfway through. If you see Bryan around, please, please buy the guy a beer — he is made of awesome.

So the upshot of all this is that in the process of setting things up on iTunes, so that stuff I post here shows UP on iTunes, Bryan posted all of the Lights Out shows SO FAR, here on the site. Which is cool, because hopefully it reminds folks that the show is out there. I have one more show to post that some of you may have already heard … I’m going to post it again here, so that it shows up on iTunes.

And then … (and then? And then?) … any show I post here will be brand-new stuff. And one is coming up later on today! So stick around — I have got loads of great stuff coming up for you in the next couple of weeks. As ever, thank you for your patronage.

Lights Out #22: Monmouth College. Come along on a haunted campus tour of Monmouth College.https://youtu.be/k_byy7NVlA8lightsout


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