Demons and Fireworks, Oh My!

We’re in the middle of the Fourth of July Kindle promotion! Visit for your chance to win a Kindle gift card!

Reason I mention it is that one of my books, Hunting Demons: A True Story of the Dark Side of the Supernatural, is one of the books you’ll see when you follow that link. I had loads of fun writing that book, and learning about the differences between demons in Western and Eastern culture. In Eastern culture, demons are more of a part of daily life than they are over here.

And demons are closely connected with fireworks, which makes this Kindle promotion just perfect. This picture is one of the Yukijin, the demon guardians of the hot springs in Japan. They carry a sword to protect people from evil spirits, and shake a stick of bells as they walk, to drive away bad luck.

And I did promise you guys another Lights Out episode, and here it is. In this episode, I chat with a fellow investigator about an experience he had as a young boy. Lights Out #23: Demons (1). Think demons don’t exist? Think again! A ghost hunter tells of his encounter with a dark entity — at the age of seven.

Enjoy your weekend!

Demon Guardian of the Hot SpringsPhoto credit: Dai-chi Takimotokan website


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