Halfway there! Well, sort of…

This coming Monday will mark the halfway point of my crowdfunding campaign for the upcoming book, 44 Years in Darkness. (The link to which can be found here: https://publishizer.com/44-years-in-darkness/ )

Halfway usually means 50% or, say, 125 out of 250. I really, REALLY wish I could tell you all that that’s where we are with this campaign.

Unfortunately, I can’t, as my mom raised me to be honest and not tell lies.

We are nowhere near 50%. We’re nowhere near 25%. We’re not even within spitting distance of 10%.

I’ve talked before about why I’m doing this. I want to get the message out about Rhoda Derry’s amazing story. And to do that, I really honestly do need your help. And your preorder does a lot more than you might think. It’s not money in my pocket (well, it is, but only on paper, and only for a little while, until I order a bunch of books using that money, and send them out to radio shows and magazines.)

Preordering books helps an author, obviously, but it also affects the publishing ecosystem in a number of ways. It proves to the publisher that the author is in demand. It also helps the author feel good about herself and not sit around in the mornings, weeping quietly but openly into her Frosted Flakes. So, you know, there’s that. (Thanks to Chuck Wendig for the visual.) And thanks to you — because only you can prevent soggy, salty Frosted Flakes. (Because, ew.)

Tomorrow is Sunday. Tomorrow, I am planning on hitting 70,000 words, and also, finishing the first draft of the book. After that, it goes to the editors. When I get it back, I’ll be fixing all the little fiddly bits and polishing it up to make it the best story I can tell you.

Please visit https://publishizer.com/44-years-in-darkness/ and preorder a copy of the book. It’s going to be great. It may even change your life, or someone else’s life. You never know. Thank you so much for your support — it means a lot to me, and it’s not something I take lightly. Thank you.


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