“Help Me, Obi Wan Kenobi … You’re My Only Hope”

Well! We’re halfway through this whole crowdfunding experiment … and yet we’re not halfway.

“Hang on a second,” I hear you cry. “Sylvia, how can that be? How can we be halfway and not halfway at the same time? Is this one of those logic-math questions where you can only go halfway and you never get where you’re going?”

Um, no. I don’t do math, and you can’t make me, because I’m a grownup. What I’m talking about it this crowdfunding gig.

It’s halfway over. We have only two weeks left before it’s done, finito, no more chances to preorder the book. But — and here’s the frustrating part — we are nowhere near the halfway point of funding.

Here’s the thing; I could have gone with a platform like GoFundMe, where there is no time limit. But with GoFundMe, there are also no perks. It’s just someone asking for money, given out of the goodness of people’s hearts.

While that’s all well and good and warm and fuzzy, I wanted to give YOU something in return. I’m asking you to part with some of your hard-earned bucks. It’s only fair that you should get something for that money. That’s why I set up a bunch of really cool perks. And I had fun doing it too — I had a blast deciding what people would enjoy getting in return for their money.

So if you decide to visit https://publishizer.com/44-years-in-darkness/ and drop some moolah there, think of it this way: say you spend $20 on a preorder for October. That’s like getting a pizza for dinner. Or if you spring for $30 to preorder the book, and get it two months early, at the beginning of August; that’s like getting Starbucks coffee for the week. What I’m saying is that it doesn’t take all that much dough to make an author really happy. Plus you get to keep the book on your shelf (and your computer, since you get the ebook automatically too) forever. (Try that with a pizza.)

So please. Visit 44 Years Cover . Take a look at the perks I’m offering. And as always, thank you so much for your support.


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