I Promise to be Good and Not Make Any Corn Puns

So I was out running errands today, and stopped by Kroger’s to pick up some groceries. The Kroger’s in Pekin was having all sorts of fun stuff for the holiday — trivia questions like “What country did we get the Statue of Liberty from?” (France) and “What’s the last line of the National Anthem?” (They made the winner of that one sing it over the intercom.) They also had cupcake decorating for the kids — and a corn shucking contest.

I thought that sounded kinda fun, so I wandered over to the produce section, and hung around until they got ready to start. One other woman showed up too, so we faced off over a cart, which had ten ears of corn lined up in front of each of us. The goal was to shuck ten ears of corn the fastest, so we just raced instead of timing it.

Well, I lost by THATMUCH — she tossed her last ear down as I was pulling the last husk off of my last ear. But the cool thing was that we got to keep the ten ears of corn we’d shucked. So now we have plenty of corn on the cob for our holiday dinner.IMG_20160702_150355_614 (1)


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