Crawl Faster!

Just wanted to let people know that hey, 44 Years in Darkness is done, and has been sent to the editors so they can start helping me sculpt a more perfect book for you guys.

Also just wanted to let people know that hey, there’s just nine days left to preorder your very own copy of the book. You can do that easily at .

Nine days. Nine days. That’s not a whole lot of time, but we CAN get up to 250 preorders in that time. I have faith in you guys, I really do. There’s still time to get to 50%, and there’s still time to get to 100%. We can do this.

Of course, right now, we’re at … well, we’re at three percent of the goal. Yeah. You read that right. We’re up to nine preorders, out of 250.

Here’s the thing: if you go to the website, it says, “If this book gets 250 preorders by Wednesday July 13 at 3 pm, it will be queried to 51 publishers.” Which is all well and good, except I already have a publisher for it.

What makes me nervous is that if the book does NOT get at least 250 preorders, all of the funds raised get taken away. The money gets refunded to the donors, and I get nothing. (Which is good for the donors, but it does nothing about the fact that it takes money to promote a book.)

Ever seen the movie Stand By Me? Where they’re walking across the railroad bridge a hundred feet above the river, and the train comes into view along the bend? We need to crawl faster, guys:

The book’s done. It’s nearly ready for you. And I promise it’s a good one. Do yourself a favor and order it. (I’d hate to see the eight folks who have already ordered be disappointed.)


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