Book Review: Confessions of an Imaginary Friend

I took a break yesterday from editing my own work to devour someone else’s. I read Confessions of an Imaginary Friend, by Michelle Cuevas.
I read children’s books as sort of a palate-cleanser between adult books. It’s a refreshing change. But this particular children’s book was just as compelling and thought-provoking as any adult book I’ve read — not to mention gorgeously written and stuffed to bursting with imagination. (The little girl says her imaginary friend wants pancakes for breakfast — “a pancake shaped like Mozart’s Symphony No. 40! In G minor!” How can you fail to adore that? And this bit — “I guess you can’t always know what (is special) about yourself. Maybe because you’re too close to see it, like a flower that looks down and thinks it is just a stem.”)
If I had read this book when I was in grade school, it would have become a lifelong favorite, like Tuck Everlasting. I am so grateful that it came into my life, even if it was well after grade school that I finally got to read it.


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