Good News, Everyone!

Well, I tried an experiment. I signed up to do a fundraising campaign on Publishizer, and … well, it didn’t work. I think it was because people aren’t as familiar with the site as they are with, say, Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

But! We have another chance to raise the money needed to promote 44 Years in Darkness, and we can do it before the end of the month — I know we can. I’ve set up another campaign, this time at Indiegogo. Here’s the link :

So why did I make the decision to bug you all for another two weeks? Because I feel that with the Indiegogo campaign, we have a much better chance of raising the funds that will allow me to print out advance copies of 44 Years in Darkness, to send to the media and to people influential in the field of mental health.

There’s more: Indiegogo is more flexible in its perks setup than Publishizer is. So I am able to offer more perks to you, including Super Secret Perks — how cool is that? Keep an eye out for those during the next two weeks.

Guys, the book is nearly done. I’m in the final stages of polishing it. It’s gonna be great. Please help me bring it to the attention of the media by helping me get the means to print out some copies. Thank you SO much for your support.


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