Good News! And More Good News!

Holy cats, guys, guess what?

After over … I dunno, two years? … of working on 44 Years in Darkness, it’s finally actually done. All the polishing done, all the end notes matched up to pages, it’s all done. I do have to meet with one of the editors on Thursday, but barring any rewrites she wants me to make … it’s DONE! I had my celebratory cherry Coke by the campfire last night, to mark the finish of another book.

And here’s the other good news — you can still preorder it. I’ve extended the fundraising campaign ’til the end of the month, so you, yes you, can still help me bring this book to many, many people in the media and in magazines and newspapers all over the country. Just go to , and pick out your favorite from all the wonderful perks I have to offer you, in exchange for your deeply appreciated help.

Thank you so much for your support — I hope to be able to pop a book in the mail to you soon!


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