Thank You!

Thank you so much to the folks who have already contributed to the Indiegogo campaign to fund the promotion of 44 Years in Darkness. (Psst — here’s the link: ) I really appreciate you all kicking in, and I’m delighted to say that we’re already at 20% of our new goal.

Most people have been getting a book, either reserving their copy for October, or requesting an advance copy for August. But one person has sprung for the history package, reserving two advance copies, and bringing a friend to the asylum for a tour!

We’ve raised $295 so far, and we’ve got twelve days left on the campaign. To encourage you, I’ve got a surprise for each and every one of you — when we hit $500, I will post an excerpt from the book. That’s just ten people ordering their copy for October … or seven people ordering advance copies for August. Seven people! That’s all we need to hit $500 raised! That’s exciting!

I would dearly love to share a snippet of this wonderful book with you all, just to give you a taste of what’s in store. So please, visit , and reserve your very own copy of 44 Years in Darkness. Thank you for your support.




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