Bunny Rescue!

Our outside cat, Squeaky, is very fond of us, and shows her affection by bringing us presents, as we obviously are incapable of hunting for ourselves, and need furry nourishment.

So the other day, I was out on the porch, with Jinxsie the Dog. Husband came home from work, and Squeaky trotted over from wherever she had been hiding, and Jinxsie came over and danced around for a bit, happy that the whole pack was together.

That’s when Husband asked, “Um … what’s the dog sniffing at?”

Squeaky had brought us a teeny-tiny bunny. Not a scratch on him, but he was cowering on the porch, traumatized. I scooped him up and petted him for a bit. Then we stuck him in a cat carrier in the house to chill out for a while.

Everyone went their ways, and I went back out to the porch swing. Squeaky was on the porch, and opened her mouth to meow at me. The second bunny she was carrying was quite a bit more lively than the first one. This one ran straight off the edge of the porch — into an empty garbage can right under the edge. He raced around the bottom of the can, panicked, until I scooped him up, calmed him down, and put him in the cat carrier too.

I went back out onto the porch. This time, Squeaky dropped the third bunny at my feet. This one just hunkered down. I was glad — the second one wasn’t hurt after its dive into the garbage can, but … it’s a garbage can. That’s no place for a bunny. So I scooped THIS one up too, and popped him into the cat carrier with the others.

The next morning, we took the carrier out to the back alley, and opened the door. Three little pink noses appeared at the door. Then three streaks of brown shot off in three different directions. So glad the bunnies were okay after their adventure!Bunny pic 2


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