Mystery Plant

So about three weeks ago, I was getting ready to mow the yard, and I discovered that a new plant had colonized my lawn. I have zero idea where this plant came from — I’m not even quite sure what it is. It looks almost like a canna lily, but when I dug it up and potted it (because I wanted to keep it!), there was no corm underneath, just a little root system. It also sort of looks like a hosta, but it was growing in full sun, not shade. To top it all off, I have no idea where either a canna or a hosta would have come from! If anyone recognizes this plant, could you please help me out and identify it for me! (I live in the Midwest, if that helps.) I repotted it successfully, and it has survived. I plan to overwinter it in the house. Next spring, I might try to find a place for it in my (teensy) yard, or I might just keep it outdoors during the summer as a potted plant, like I do with my rosemary plants.


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