It’s Read A Book Day!

Did you know? September 6 is Read A Book Day.

Take time out of your busy life, and relax with a good book. Cozy up on a chair, indoors or out. It doesn’t matter where you read that book, as long as you can do so in a comfortable manner. If you doze off along the way, we won’t tell anyone.

Reading is a great lifetime hobby. It offers so many positive attributes. It’s relaxing and therapeutic. It’s educational. Its entertaining. And, a whole lot of other good things, too.

And the best thing is, books on Kindle count too! 44 Years in Darkness is available for preorder at Amazon, in the Kindle store. The ebook will be released October 10, same as the tree book.

If you need an actual book to hold in your hands, consider Fractured Spirits: Hauntings at the Peoria State Hospital. It’s sort of a prequel to 44 Years in Darkness. Kind of. It can be found here:

So today, find your favorite spot, pour a nice cool drink, crack open a book, and read!


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