More Neighborly Shenanigans!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our neighbors, Belinda and Clothilde. I spoke at length about their loathing of us, to the point where Belinda ordered her young grandsons to run out into the street to play Pokemon Go, rather than walk past our house and run the risk of being greeted by our friendly Husky.

I need to print an apology.

First of all, Belinda apparently either follows this  blog, or stalks me on Facebook (where the posts appear), because she yelled at my husband one day that “your wife called me Belinda!” I guess she doesn’t like that name, and when she discovered my alias for her, she took offense. I was simply trying, in my use of the noms de guerre “Belinda” and “Clothilde”, to protect my neighbors’ privacy, because I’m nice that way. I didn’t feel I had the right, in a blog post, to use their real names.

Bitchface and Crazypants.

Also, apparently, it was not Bitchface who was standing on her porch yelling at her grandsons to run out into the street. It was her daughter. Yelling at her own children. To run out into the street. With their heads down over their phones playing Pokemon Go.

Ooooookay then.


And for your added enjoyment, here is a picture of the back side of my garage. The neighbors (this would be Bitchface, not Crazypants) are very precious about their driveway, and take great pains to let us know that we are NOT at all welcome to set foot on their property. Ever. Under any circumstances whatsoever.

Behold the power of spray paint and bad spelling, and tremble!

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