Cashew Chicken

When I was up North visiting my sister a couple of weeks ago, she took me to Trader Joe’s, and for my birthday she let me go through the store and pick out a bunch of groceries — yay!

One of the things I splurged on was a big bag of Thai Lime and Chili Cashews. I adore the combination of spicy and sour, and cashews are awesome, so I grabbed the bag as soon as I saw it.

Then a few days ago, I got to thinking … how could I use these in the kitchen?  I mean, it is an awfully big bag of nuts JUST to snack on. Hey, I have a package of boneless chicken thighs in the fridge …

I cut up the thighs into bite-sized pieces and browned them in olive oil, along with half a sweet onion, also cut into bite-sized slices. When the chicken and onions had cooked through, I squeezed a packet of duck sauce, a packet of plum sauce, and a packet of Arby’s sauce (don’t judge) over the skillet, along with a drizzle of honey. Then I threw in a handful of the spicy cashews and let it simmer while the rice cooked.

It. Was. Amazing. The spice slid off the cashews, which I had expected, and flavored the whole dish. And the nuts themselves were made sweeter and more tender with cooking. It turned out just exactly how I expected it to — exquisite. cashewchicken


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