Road Trip!

Hey there! I’m posting this from beautiful Minnesota. I’m here for the Paranormal Affair conference in Faribault. My hosts for the conference are Jerry Ayres and Jen Kruse of The Calling. (I was a guest on the show on Wednesday night. Jerry picked me up from the train station in the Twin Cities on Thursday, and he says we had good numbers for the show …. 27,000 people tuned in to hear us talk about Rhoda Derry, including folks in Canada, Ireland, Singapore, and Czechoslovakia! I mean how cool is that?)

We’re going to be doing two investigations, tonight and tomorrow night. It’s a ghost hunter’s dream! I’ll try to post updates, and I’ll be doing lots of recording while I’m there. I expect to get enough material for an episode of Lights Out. Hey, I might even go live on Facebook for some of this, if I get squirrelly. Would you guys like to see that? Let me know!


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