A Paranormal Affair

I’m here for the second day of A Paranormal Affair, here in Faribault, MN. It’s an utterly gorgeous day outside–brilliant sunshine and cloudless azure blue skies.

Last night, about thirty of us went out to the ruins of the Walcott State Hospital for an investigation. We explored the root cellar, the building where grain was stored, and the cemetery. Last night was quite cold, and rather windy. I was grateful for the Columbia jacket that one of my hosts lent to me–I stayed cozy and warm even with the 44 degree temps. We got quite a bit of action on the K2 meters in the granary, and some in the cemetery. (My personal takeaway from the evening was a sleep full of vicious nightmares, but I’ve learned to expect that after an investigation in a strange place.)

We’re going back to Walcott tonight, and I’ll do some more taping. You’ll be hearing our experiences in an upcoming Lights Out episode. Until then, I’m going out to enjoy a bit of this delicious sunshine.


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