Home Again, Home Again

Another beautiful fall day … seen from the window of a speeding train. I’m on my way home from A Paranormal Affair in Faribault, MN.

The energy of last night’s investigation was not as high as Friday night’s. (Although I’m delighted to report that neither was it as COLD as it was Friday night.) This time, I was with a small group of investigators, rather than with the public. We returned to the Walcott Farm Colony site. We got nothing at all in the root cellar. The most excitement we had at the “big house” was when we were playing flashlight tag with a child’s spirit.

We did sort of get distracted at the baby cemetery; we were standing around, about to start asking questions, when a car passed the cemetery entrance, driving slowly. It returned a few minutes later, and stopped, idling in the dark road. A young woman leaned out of the passenger window.

“Who are you?” she inquired.

We looked at each other and shrugged. “Investigators,” someone replied.

“What’re you investigating?”

“Ghosts,” Steph answered back cheerfully. In for a penny…. we waited to see what the young woman’s response would be. Would she laugh and tell her mom to drive on? Would she give us a disdainful snort and say “there’s no such thing”? Would she threaten to call the cops? (The local sheriff’s deputy was standing guard for us down at the entrance to the other site.)

…..”Do you guys want to hear about what we saw here two summers ago?”

Recording forgotten, we wandered over to the car to hear what the girl had to say. She told of finding a doll hanging from a tree, its plastic wrists slit and splashed with blood, pill bottles scattered at the base of the tree. Someone’s idea of a sick joke, no doubt. The forgotten cemetery still has a powerful draw.

I’m thankful to say that I did not suffer any nightmares last night, the way I did Friday night. I made my train on time, and headed for home.

I’d like to thank my hosts, Jerry Ayres and Jen Kruse of The Calling, for inviting me to Minnesota. I was entranced my first taste of Minnesota hospitality. It was a real joy to spend a few days surrounded by that lovely North Country accent, the hard r’s and the long o’s that manage to be clipped and throaty at the same time. I had lots of fun on my working vacation — I met some great folks, gathered material for a new Lights Out show, and had some wonderful experiences.


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