Lay Your Weary Head to Rest …

We have a pillow problem at our house. Rather, Husband does. My pillow is a lovely down dream that I got as a present from my sister years ago, and which still holds a considerable amount of heft, if fluffed properly. Husband’s pillow, though, is a sad, deflated wisp of its former self.

Seeing as how the holidays are coming up, I thought it would be to my advantage to go out and price pillows. I figured I could surprise Husband with a nice new pillow for Christmas, if not before. I strolled innocently into The Mattress Doctor, a store in Pekin that holds the record for the most deeply annoying commercial jingle EVER. (“The Mattress DOC-tor … delivering dreams … to yooooou!” Warble this in a cloyingly sappy sing-song tone of voice for the full effect.)

This store is … weird. It’s been open for as long as I’ve lived in Pekin, and probably for lots longer than that. But I’ve never seen anyone actually in the store. This evening was just the same. I strolled innocently through the doors, intending to have a quick peek at the prices of pillows. I know they’d be a bit spendier than, say, Wal-mart, but I wanted to have a basis for comparison.

The first price tag I saw was $139. For a PILLOW. For reals. Granted, they were having a “buy one, get one” sale, which is the other reason I stopped in. But jeezum crow, that much for a freakin’ pillow?

I turned on my heel, but it was too late. A saleslady, who had been chatting on her phone (and from whom I thought I was safe), quickly ended her call and came striding over to me. Chirpily, she pointed out the sale they were having — buy one get one! For over a hundred bucks!!!!

I said, “Thanks, but I’m really just looking.” She actually made me lie down and try one of the pillows. Then she said, “Have you ever been fitted for a pillow?” Like a dork, I said, “Umm … no.” She flitted off, while I was still trying to get the runaway pillow under my head. (This sounds easier than it actually was. Picture a naked pillow, on a naked mattress, with no headboard. Everything’s … slippery. With no headboard to stop the slidyness.)

I had just gotten myself extricated from the slick bed and pillow, when another salesman trotted up. He, too, pointed out the sale they were having on pillows! (Criminy, the cheapest one they had started at $79!) I said, “I’m really only just looking…” and headed for the door. I hate disappointing sales people … but I hate spending money even more.

So I went home and made a pillow. I had some fabric sitting around, and I found an elderly pillow in the basement. It wasn’t at all musty. I discovered that it was, in fact, a down pillow, which pleased me a great deal. I sewed up the fabric, stuffed the old pillow inside, and there ya go — an old pillow has a new lease on life, and Husband has a new pillow.



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