So There’s Nothing Wrong With It, Really…

At the library, we have 3 by 5 cards in each of the CD and DVD cases, for people to write on if something is wrong with the disc. This lets us know if we need to clean the disc, or replace it. Sometimes, though, people are … unclear on the concept of what is meant by “please tell us if there’s anything wrong with this disc”.

I found the following note written on the card tucked into the case of River of No Return, starring Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe:

“Not as good as I was expecting. R. Mitchum played it as if he had a chip on his shoulder the whole time no matter who he was talking to. He was new at acting at the time I suppose. MM was OK as you can see.

“Disk is v. good.”

Ummm … glad you enjoyed it? 😀


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