Busy, busy!

My goodness, this past week has just flown by! I kept myself busy, as I always do.

On Monday, I had a lovely chat with Matt Jesso, of Paracave Radio. You can listen to it here .

The very next day, I talked with Tony at Authors First Radio. This is a program out of Ohio, and this was a pleasure because I was speaking to an audience of just readers, not necessarily paranormally-oriented folks. It was a change-up for me, but it was good to do. You can listen here .

And on Friday, I was overjoyed to talk with some of my favorite people in the ghost hunting world, Nick Sarlo and Liz Nygard of Shadow Hunters. We had a blast catching up, and things were made even better for me by the knowledge that other Shadow Hunter friends of mine were listening in on the live show. Renowned investigator Ursula Bielski even stopped by in the comments. We were chatting about bucket list places to visit, and we got onto the subject of haunted Chicago museums. Ursula confirmed for me that people do get EVPs in German when visiting the U-505 at the Museum of Science and Industry. I shared the story of the screaming mummy at the Field Museum — one of my favorites ever since I first heard about it as a kid from my dad — and Ursula went me one better … well, two better, I suppose. She said that people at the museum after-hours have seen the Lions of Tsavo stalking the hallways. And someone who was spending the night at the museum, sleeping very near a stuffed wolf, awoke during the night … to find that the wolf was gone. Now I wanna go on an overnight with Ursula and the Shadow Hunters at the museum soooooo bad!

There was more behind-the-scenes stuff happening too, things that you’ll find out about later. I recorded an episode of Lights Out with another wonderful guest, and did some work on the next book. You’ll find out all about it soon. Have a great week!


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