How My Brain Works

So I had another work-related dream last week. I say dream, but I actually do consider it a nightmare, because there is no redeeming value in any of this.

I have these nightmares on a regular basis, and they are very often about work. And they follow a pattern, so I KNOW I’m in the middle of yet another soul-sucking work dream. If I’m dreaming about my current job, the program we use to check out books isn’t working, and the computer screens are filled with arcane symbols. (Usually pertaining to some sort of weird game, which is strange, because I do not ever ever play computer games at work, so I don’t even know why my brain would associate those two things.)

I worked a job years ago in which I worked only for tips. I still have nightmares about that job too. In those dreams, I’m working away, getting “paid” … until I realize that everyone who’s supposed to have been giving me money has actually been giving me hand-drawn coupons for worthless crap on blank pieces of paper. Oh boy. Yippee. And the coupons are all expired.

And oh yes, I do still have school nightmares too, oh, you betcha.  College, high school, even grade school. And each one of THOSE follows its own pattern.

The only thing in my life that I DON’T have nightmares about is writing, and getting up in front of audiences to speak about the Peoria State Hospital. Considering the attitude most people have about public speaking, I think I’m doing pretty well with NOT having nightmares about that.

But seriously, I’ve never (knock on wood) had anxiety dreams about writing, or about doing presentations on the PSH. I must be doing something right!


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