Exciting Publishing News!

Boy oh boy, we live in the most wonderful times. I recently got a very interesting email from one of my publishers, David Niall Wilson at Crossroad Press. They’re the outfit that puts out Fractured Spirits for me, as well as taking care of all my fiction backlist.

Crossroad Press is partnered with a nifty company called Espresso Book Machine. Get this — you can pull up to one of these kiosks, and have a book printed on the spot. How freakin’ cool is that? This even beats Amazon Prime for speed. And it’s green, so very green, because the books are being printed right there, just when you ask for them, and not sitting in a box in a warehouse somewhere. You can find locations here . Go follow the link — there’s a map of the WORLD there. Someone in Botswana could print out one of my books. Or all of them, pretty much. But you don’t have to be in Botswana, just sayin’. There are loads of pretty orange “you are here” pins in the United States.

So if you’ve enjoyed my true ghost stories and you’d like to see what led me to this point, take a chance on some fiction. Double Double Love & Trouble  is a fun, light-hearted humorous romance, with several ghostie characters. And one of my favorite horror novels, The Dreamwatcher , is about twins, ghostly possession, and illicit love. Fun stuff! Or if you’re in the mood for something bite-sized, try Timeless Embrace (four romance novellas) or The Dark at the Heart of the Diamond (a collection of horror short stories).

And if your heart still lies with nonfiction, Fractured Spirits  is also a title carried by Crossroad Press, available now through Espresso Book Machine. So join the technology revolution!


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