Brain Weirdness

Last night, in the middle of the night sometime, my brain decided to wake me up. I don’t know if it wanted to chat, as it does sometimes, or if it simply wanted me awake while it obsessed about things … but somewhere in the blackest hours of the night, my brain blasted a doorbell sound in my ear. No kidding — “DING-DONG!”, the classic doorbell sound, just exactly like that.

I came bolt awake, then relaxed with a sigh and an inward grumble at my EVER SO HELPFUL and INVENTIVE brain. I knew the sound hadn’t been real. My husband slept peacefully next to me, so obviously he hadn’t heard a thing. Also, the doorbell sound my brain chose to wake me up with didn’t even sound like our actual doorbell. Smooth move, brain — I know you’re fibbing.

So yeah, it took me about half an hour to fall back to sleep. Thanks, brain ….


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