Salem Township Library

So this week, I got to drive to the smallish burg of Yates City, to do a presentation on Fractured Spirits at the Salem Township Library. Small town libraries rock, you guys, seriously! I had a full crowd of appreciative folks who came to hear me speak about the asylum. One of the ladies in the audience was the librarian at nearby Maquon Library. She told me that she had closed her library early so that she could jet to Salem Township to hear my program. How cool is that? And the evening ended with Denise, the librarian who had invited me, asking if I had any other programs on offer. So mark your calendars, because I will be back at Salem Township Library on Thursday. See ya there!

Oh, and check out the display the library had up in their foyer. Can you spot the cover of Fractured Spirits? Pretty nifty of them to tie in the book display with the program!

salem-twp-displaySaelm Twp Sign.jpg


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