Lights Out!

And it’s time for another episode of Lights Out, your virtual campfire.  Join me, your hostess with the mostest ghosties, for a visit with Nick Sarlo, of Shadow Hunters. I met Nick and the rest of the Shadow Hunters crew at the Chicago Ghost Convention a few years ago. They eventually made it down to Bartonville for a visit to the Peoria State Hospital, and they brought friends — ESP and Archer Paranormal. All of us had a complete blast doing a two-day investigation of the Pollak Hospital. Two of their sensitives, Lisa and Liz, actually had experiences with Rhoda Derry, and were kind enough to share their stories with me. (You can read them in 44 Years in Darkness.)

That wonderfully active investigation became the premiere episode of Shadow Hunters YouTube Series. Check it out here .

And here’s a great story you won’t see on the episode, because unfortunately, we had the camera facing the other way. Some of the girls from ESP and Archer decided to turn themselves into trigger objects by dressing in lab coats and putting stethoscopes around their necks. Thus attired, we went down into the basement, and sat for a while in the electrical room off of the morgue. We were doing an EVP session, when suddenly Lisa yelped and jumped like a scalded cat. Scared the paste out of me, because I was sitting right next to her. Turns out that while we were sitting there, someone slipped the stethoscope from around Lisa’s neck.

That weekend was one of the greatest experiences of my ghost hunting life so far. I look forward to more exploration of the unknown with Shadow Hunters, ESP, and Archer Paranormal. You can enjoy my conversation with Nick Sarlo here .

Even more podcasty goodness!

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