Days of the Dead Review

So a couple weeks ago, I posted the link to a review of Days of the Dead. Becky Spratford, a reviewer for none other than Booklist, really enjoyed the book. Then it occurred to me, hey, maybe I should go ahead and post the ACTUAL review, with actual WORDS, instead of making you guys click a link. So here it is!

“This book is as advertised and even better than the hook promises it will be. As Shults says in her introduction, “Ghosts are with us, every single day.” That hook is intriguing and seducing to those who love Horror.
She then gives us an example, a ghost story tied to every single day of the year. These stories are from all over the world, and across the entire time span of human storytelling. 
Using her 20+ years of paranormal research, Shults presents these true ghost stories in context, giving you the date, obviously, but also the place and year.  Even though readers are jumping around time and space, Shults unites it all with her solid writing. It reads as if she took each day as a new challenge to hook the reader immediately. 
I started reading this book thinking, oh I will read a few days in January and then skip around reading a few days in each month, but I was hooked and when I looked up, I was through all of January. 
The stories are compelling on their own. I got fully immersed in each story. But also don’t underestimate the fun here. There is a story for every meaningful day in your patron’s lives. They can use this to look up a scary tale for their birthday, the birthday of a loved one, an important event in their lives, etc… Honestly, you need a copy of this book to circulate in your paranormal sections AND one in reference, for you and your patrons to consult as a calendar of days. You can use it as a prompt for displays or social media posts or to prank your co-workers on their birthdays. 
The uses for this book are endless, but again, it is also a solid nonfiction Horror on its own. 
Thank you to Haunted Road Media for donating a copy of this library friendly paranormal nonfiction title to me to give away to you. Consider ordering this title for your collections. Trust me, your patrons will LOVE it. And since it has a story for every single day of the year [even Leap Day] it can be incorporated into displays and promotions all year long.”

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