The New Year Is Coming…

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? The end of the year is fast approaching, and you know what that means … yep, it’s time to think about calendars! Does someone you know have a wall that needs a bit of spooky decoration?

Last year’s calendar went quickly, so if you’d like to order your 2022 Days of the Dead calendar, go ahead and smash that link. . This year’s calendar is bigger! And better! And did I mention BIGGER? Plus it’s a brand-new crop of ghost stories from the pages of Days of the Dead. $18 gets you all set for a brand-new year, and that includes me sending the calendar right to your doorstep. Even Santa needs a little help now and then!

So let’s welcome the new year with a story for every month! Order your 2022 Days of the Dead Calendar today, and MAKE EVERY DAY SPOOKY!

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