The Twelve Nightmares of Christmas, Day Three: Christmas is Cancelled

The Oxford Hotel in Denver, Colorado, is haunted by the forlorn ghost of a mail carrier. The postal worker stopped in at the hotel’s bar for a drink sometime in the 1930s. Taking a few moments from his route to warm up from the snowy weather, he ordered a beer. But he didn’t tarry long. “The children, I have to get the gifts to the children,” he muttered as he paid his tab, slugged the rest of his drink, then left. Later, the staff at the hotel read a news story about a mail carrier who disappeared on his route — he’d been carrying Christmas gifts to Central City. His decomposing body was found during a spring thaw. Next to it were sacks of packages, each containing the gifts he’d been so concerned about.

The postal worker’s ghost still stops by the Oxford Hotel bar now and again. He walks up to the bar, and orders a drink, and looks perfectly solid and human while doing so. The bartenders serve him, and they see him drink, but the level of beer in his glass never goes down.

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