There’s A New Book In Town!

That’s right, the first volume of Grave Deeds and Dead Plots is now LIVE!

Welcome to the first volume of an exciting new series, Grave Deeds and Dead Plots. These collections feature spine-tingling tales of true crime … with added ghosts. Each story is a tale of murder, passion, or cold-blooded killing—and each case has resulted in an eerie haunting.

Do the victims of true crime remain to tell the tales of their untimely demise? Are the dead still crying out for justice? Do the departed have stories to share? Find out in the first installment of Grave Deeds and Dead Plots, a new series by award-winning* author Sylvia Shults.

You can find the book on Amazon, of course, but you might also want to try When you order from Bookshop, part of your money goes to support independent bookstores, which is just awesome.

*First Place in the Spring 2022 BookFest Awards, for Days of the Dead: A Year of True Ghost Stories

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