The Twelve Nightmares of Christmas, Day 11: Lights Out!

Welcome to the Dead of Winter! Today we’re going to revisit a couple of Lights Out episodes from years past. Curl up by the Christmas tree, turn on the tree lights, have a cup of something warm and lovely handy, and let’s go … Lights Out.

Lights Out Extra: Christmas 2020.

Lights Out #66: Christmas 2018.

Lights Out #52: Christmas 2017. The Roving Skeleton of Boston Bay

Lights Out #51: Plymouth Courthouse

Lights Out #32: Christmas 2016

Stay tuned, because tomorrow, for Christmas Eve, I have a special present for you guys. And you know what else you should do? You should go visit Darren Marlar over at Weird Darkness, see what he’s got going on. Get curious! Tell him I sent you.


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