Lights Out: The Watseka Wonder

I KNOW, I know, it’s been positively AGES since you guys have enjoyed an episode of Lights Out! (Unless you’ve been watching or listening to past episodes, in which case, good for you!) I’ve got a great excuse — I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a new book for you all, so that’s why I’ve been slacking off a bit on the podcast/YouTube front. But fret not! Here is a brand-spanking-new episode of your virtual campfire.

We’re headed to the town of Watseka, Illinois, for a bit of Victorian-style ghost hunting at the Roff House. Enjoy!

Lights Out: U-505

The U-505, housed at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, is the only German submarine captured during World War II. Secrecy around the capture was paramount. But how do you hide something that’s a city block long? We’ll take a deep dive into the history and hauntings on this magnificent boat.

First blog post

Hello hello! Sylvia Shults here. I’ve finally taken the plunge, and started up a blog on a site that seems to be easy to use — and to keep posting on. So here’s yet another place I’ll be hanging out on the Interwebs.

Bear with me while I figure all of this out. I have the technological capacity of a ham sandwich — naw, that’s selling myself short. I know just enough to make myself dangerous, how’s that?

I’ll be posting all sorts of stuff for you guys on here, and I’ll make it interesting, so you’ll keep coming back. After all, that’s why we’re both here, isn’t it? We’ll be talking about life, the universe, and everything, and writing, and maybe we’ll throw in a little history, and we’ll definitely find ourselves some ghost stories. I’ll keep you updated on projects of mine, and you can post your comments too.

I’m so happy to be able to welcome you to my baby blog. I hope you’ll stick around. Stop by anytime. (And if you like, poke around, too.)